Microschool in Vernon
Microschool in Vernon

A Microschool near Vernon, CA

Restoring Wonder,
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A Microschool With a World Vision

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Microschool in Vernon

A Microschool with a Mission

Ellemercito's Mission

Our mission is to provide a real-world, highly personalized, and transformative education to students using a project and place-based approach nurturing critical thinking, developing a growth mindset, and demonstrating profound empathy.

A Different Type of Microschool

About Ellemercito Academy

Ellemercito Academy is an independent microschool founded in 2021 with the simple goal of providing students with a living, highly tailored, and transformative education. Each student’s academic and social-emotional development holds equal value and a holistic, trauma-informed, and experiential learning approach is taken to meet individual needs

Microschool in Vernon
Microschool in Vernon

A Microschool Based on Holistic Learning

Ellemercito & Education

Educating students both in a relevant and meaningful manner coupled with an engaging, project and place-based model is at the core of who we are. We provide a small teacher to student ratio, individualized learning plans for all students, exceptionally personalized, differentiated instruction, and unique field trip/world schooling opportunities that all focus on student-centered learning.


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Microschool in Vernon
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Microschool in Vernon
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Frequently Asked Questions

Classes begin at 8:15am-2:15pm M-W. There is an option of blended learning from home with a teacher on Thursdays and Fridays are reserved for adventuring, family time, or passion projects.

ELA, math, social studies, science, Spanish, P.E., and art with occasional special guest instructors/professionals.

Students will learn content in a group setting and also work independently. Ellemercito Academy uses LAUSD curriculum coupled with a variety of supplemental materials including STEAM projects, special guest speakers, and a plethora of resources at our fingertips. We follow a hybrid model approach utilizing the best research-based technological practices while highly valuing tangible books, penmanship, and analogs of all forms.

Seton testing is offered to students in the spring and parents can opt out if needed. Transcripts are also available upon request.

We do not offer an after-school program at this time; however, tutoring is available to students.

Ellemercito Academy is not standards-centered, but student-centered. However, we do test in order to determine the efficacy of the instruction and learning taking place. As the learning continues, students will be assessed on their progress through formative and summative assessments with individualized learning goals. Any Assignment/test below a 69% requires a parent signature. The goal is for students to achieve mastery before moving on to the next higher-level concept. We believe our students are more than a quantified measurement, therefore letter grades are not the only means used to assess progress. Rather, students are also assessed through discussion, projects, daily work, and useful progress monitoring techniques.

Our goal is to make microschooling accessible and equitable for all students. Scholarships are limited at this time; however, a sliding scale option is available and income-based. Please email to learn more.

Twice a month and parents are welcome to attend if there is availability.

Microschool in Vernon
Microschool in Vernon
Microschool in Vernon

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Microschool in Vernon

We envision schooling that inspires and catapults the next generation of thinkers, creators, and world changers to dream big and take action. Ellemercito Academy is the future of learning fusing education’s best practices with new experiential, trauma-informed, and holistic methods for students who are far beyond standardized.

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